27th of April – 1st of May 2022

hosted by Debbie Jongejan & Madhavi Ehrhardt 


Casa Terra Eco Boutique Hotel is built from the very earth it stands on, peeking just above the canopy into the ocean. Open living areas connect seamlessly with the surrounding nature all the way down to the lake. Simple interiors provide plenty of natural light and a sense of calmness. Its freshwater pool and swimming pond, organic vegetable garden and the Dojo add to Casa Terra’s uniqueness.

Mantra music - Community - Home grown plant-based food

Highlight of the retreat

Join our Spirit Health Women Retreat to re-connect with your inner self, abundance & female wisdom. Retreat with us at this luxurious seaside eco farm and embark on a journey of self love, sisterhood to awakening your sacred health. Moving freely, chanting meditative mantras, eating wholesome vegan meals, laughing, sharing yoga philosophy circles from Bhagavad Gita, doing daily hatha yoga asanas and gathering barefoot under the moon at the nearest Atlantic Ocean or a bonfire evening with like minded women from all around the world. No matter your age, size, background or yoga level – every woman is welcome & embraced for who they are. We need to remember each other in the world we live in, that everyone’s Unique Self is perfect with all characteristics. Through practical ingredients in our daily program, this will be nourished and unveiled.

Everyone seeks happiness. True happiness is a product of inner fulfillment.

Madhavi & Debbie offer a practice of authentic yoga, unchanged since thousands of years, passing down to us through an eternal line of Gaudiya Vaisnava spiritual masters. Uncovering the soul through Bhakti yoga- also know as the Yoga of Devotion is the foundational mood of our Spirit Health Retreat.

We share ancient wisdom from the Yoga philosophy, in a down to earth way, that can easily be implemented into your daily life. Long refreshing beach walks along the ancient coast lines and of course we didn’t leave out the food. Malek is the head chef of Casa Vale da Lama and is master in creating cuisine from the next level of plant-based recipes.

Retreat includes:

  • Twice daily yoga, morning Hatha inspired yoga and afternoon Yin yoga (total 10 hour of yoga practice)
  • Daily evening chanting before going to sleep (minimum of 5 hours chanting)
  • Workshops on healing with dōTERRA essential oils giving by Madhavi
  • Talks about Bhagavad Gita, the science of yoga in your daily life (minimum 3 hours, Bhagavad Gita is a required text for all global yoga teacher trainings)
  • Reading together from the same Bhagavad Gita that will be provided on the first day
  • Experiencing off grid permaculture rural living in a luxury setting
  • Daily sharing and caring in ceremony circle
  • 3 Shared meals a day, including tea water and fruits
  • Beach walk, Swimming pool dips, Animal farm, traditional Food forest & me-time
  • How to set up your own sacred altar at home to continue your path of Yoga.


Madhavi & Debbie met 8 years ago at the YogaWord fair in Munich. They became friends instantly. Over years this became closer and they shared many deep realizations on life, motherhood, setting up their own individual businesses, reading the same books and of course also about their life relationships that come with ups and downs and reflecting on the inner self. This comes with many laughters and tears on all topics, but foremost they come with teachings. Always highlighting the best qualities of the other in the end of every conversation to summarize and remind the other we are spirit souls living in a demanding material world. They started to dream about hosting a retreat to empower other women on living a more simple but sophisticated life with a higher conscious way of thinking and living. A lifestyle more essential than ever in the time we are living..


Madhavi lives in Ingolstadt-Germany with her husband and two kids. She practices Bhakti Yoga for almost 15 years, which includes Mantra recitation and singing, vedic philosophy and lifestyle. She is teaching Harmonium and Mantra in private classes and workshops on a regular basis. For the last 5 years she loves and shares doTERRA essentials oils professionally.  At the Retreat Madhavi will lead daily Mantra Meditation and she´ll share her experience and knowledge about the healing power of essential oils and how they can bring balance and healing physically and emotionally.


Debbie is building a retreat centre / permaculture farm in Algarve together with her husband and daughter Jeya. She is also founder of OHMat and Yoga teacher for many years. She has been teaching in Holland, Bali and now in Algarve.  Her teachings are gentle in a Hatha flow with much attention to the subtle energy and inner peace. Just like Madhavi she practices Bhakti yoga now for 7 years. She will bring the teachings of the asanas and guide the circle ceremonies in a dialogue, aiming to bring the uniqueness of every person on the retreat outward through Yoga philosophy, reading together from Bhagavad Gita & using day to day situations that we all go through. There is always unity to find through duality of every single being. 

How does an average day with us looks like:

On the first day we start with a welcome ceremony, where you will get a gift-bag filled with Indian Bhakti Yoga treats and a Bhagavad Gita that we will read in together daily.

Few special surprises will be only revealed in the retreat! 


Our house is surrounded with nature: from ancient native trees and bushes, to the orchards and the chickens, the sheep close by and all the wildlife that has settled there. We have a herb garden where you can pick herbs to make tea, and a whole forest farm to explore and savour.

Kitchen: Farm to table

We have a private chef who will offer vegan, Ayurvedic, healthy, organic food. Our retreat is vegan, inspired by the Mediterranean diet and prepared with their home grown organic produce as well as local, seasonal and organic ingredients. We believe nutrition is the pathway to wellbeing, and our meals are planned to provide you and your guests a healthy and balanced diet. *Let us know directly if you have any special diet or allergies. 

Boutique Eco Hotel

Casa Terra is located in the countryside of the Tavira hinterland, 7 km from the city.

Casa Terra Eco Boutique Hotel, is built from the very earth it stands on, peeking just above the canopy into the ocean. Open living areas connect seamlessly with the surrounding nature all the way down to the lake. Simple interiors provide plenty of natural light and a sense of calmness. Its freshwater pool and swimming pond, organic vegetable garden and the Dojo add to Casa Terra’s uniqueness.


Seven spacious rooms welcome you to your own place of comfort and tranquility. each room has a private garden offering views of nature that invite you to build intimate bonds with your surroundings.

All rooms are decorated honouring natural and local materials, giving the rooms a serene ambience. Equipped with ensuite bathrooms with baths and or showers and a private terrace or garden offering views of the garden and sea views, every room welcomes you to your own space of tranquillity. The surrounding garden is decorated with several niches and small ponds with calming water elements.

We offer you the following room amenities:

2 single beds, ensuite bathrooms with bath and or shower, towels, pool towels, bedlinen, heated floor, AC, 100% organic Altanure toiletries, hairdryer, teamaker, fresh tea herbs, filtered water, private terrace or garden with garden and sea views, sauna, freshwater pool with sun terrace and the swimming pond with sun jetty.


1 person per room €1190
2 persons per room €850

Sent us a message if you like to pay in 3 parts. 

We ask a non-refundable deposit of  € 250,-. If needed we postpone the retreat to 2023 due to Covid-19 then only based on this you can get your money back.

If needed we postpone the retreat to October 2022 due to Covid-19 (and only based postponal) you will get your money back!

How to get there

Altanure is located in the countryside of the Tavira hinterland, 7 km from the city. If you arrive in Tavira by train or bus, it is easy to take a taxi to reach Altanure. Or you can choose to hire a car too. 

Not Included in the retreat

Airport pickup
Car rental (recommended booking beforehand)
Things outside our daily offered program

Travel Cancelation Insurance

No one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing, but unexpected things do happen, therefore we strongly recommend you to make a travel cancelation insurance. Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason.

Register & Reserve your spot

Sent us an email to sign up with your preferences of bedroom via info@ohmat.nl. We will reply within 24hours with a link where to pay the deposit to secure your spot.

Whatsapp Madhavi if you have any questions: +4917631648166

Link to Madhavi : https://www.ohmat.nl/pages/spirit-health-retreat-algarve

Take a closer look : https://www.altanure.org/